Automatic Ketchup Tomato Sauce Packing Machine

Automatic Ketchup Tomato Sauce Packing Machine

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The tomato ketchup packing machine can realize various sealing methods such as back sealing, three-side sealing and four-side sealing, which can meet the requirements of different customers.

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The dosing devices for liquids are independent devices, which are normally mounted to the packaging machines and work together with them. The main function of the dosing device is the separating of the product into predefined doses, which are set by the machine operator. The ready doses are then fed to the packaging machines.

Working method of the dosing devices for liquids:

The dosing devices for liquids are a variety of the volumetric dosing devices, where the dosage is done via the help of a piston. Generally, the dosing device consists of 3 main parts – intake bunker, valve box and a piston. The process of dosing runs in the following consequence:
1. Loading the piston with product
2. Dosing the loaded volume of product
This operation is mediated by the valve box (distributor), which switches from a mode for loading the piston to a mode for dosing the loaded volume of product. The volume of the dose can be regulated by changing the pace of the piston.



For filling liquids, pastes, ointment, By piston-driven cylinder to control volume.  Semi-automatic feeding liquid with the pedal switch or automatic timer; also can be synchronized with another automatic packing machine as dosing unit for different liquid.
Horizontal dual heads piston filler for free-flowing liquid, such as mineral water, edible oil, juice, ink, detergent, perfume, viscous liquid, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, cream, butter, jam, honey, shampoo, etc.



  • Festo Piston
  • Food and pharmaceutical S/S 316 grade stainless steel contact parts.
  • Standard with electric solenoid control, we have pneumatic solenoid valve to work without electric option at full Pneumatic Driven



• Simple, clean and robust design
• Precise fabrication & assembly
• Quick return on investment
• 7” Easy to use Touch screen
• PLC controlled functionality
• Servo controlled pulling belts
• Servo controlled horizontal seal
• Digital temperature controllers
• 1 piece forming collar assembly
• Self aligning pulling belts
• Photo sensor for print mark registration
• Precise bag length measure with Encoder
• Tool-less forming collar assembly change over
• Convenient back seal alignment
• Self aligning forming collar assembly
• Self aligning pulling belts
• 360-degree access for maintenance
• Quick and easy belt change overs
• Off the shelf spare parts
• Easy replacement of wear & tear parts


Additional Info

Model GVF-420 GVF-520 GVF-720
Bag type Pillow type bag; Gusseted bag /Flat bottom bag(Option)
Operation Mode Intermittent
Speed Up to 80 bags/min 20 to 70bags/min
Bag Length(single stroke) 20 to 280mm(0.8 to 11’’) 50 to 340mm(2.0 to 13.4’’) 50 to 460mm(1.9’’ to 18’’)
Bag Width 40 to 200mm(1.6 to 7.9’’) 80 to 260mm(3.1 to 10.3’’) 80 to 350mm(3.1’’ to 13.8’’)
Packing Weight 10g to 1000g 200g to 2000g 500g to 3500g
Reel Film Width ≤420mm (16.5’’) ≤540mm (21.2’’) ≤730mm (28.7’’)
Reel Outer Dia. 400mm (15.7’’) 400mm (15.7’’) 500mm (19.7’’)
Reel Inner Dia. 75mm (2.9’’)
Film thickness 0.04-0.12mm (40-120mic.)
Voltage AC220V/50Hz, 1phase or Per customer specification
Power Consumption 3KW
Compressed Air Requirement 0.6 MPa0.36 M3/min
Machine Weight 600Kg 800Kg 1000Kg

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