Fully automatic Pre-made Pouches Pet Food Doypack Pouch / Bag Packing Machine

Fully automatic Pre-made Pouches Pet Food Doypack Pouch / Bag Packing Machine

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Premade Pouch Rotary Packing Machine is an automatic packing machine which automatic feeding & pick up pouches, coding, open the pouches, filling products into the pouches, then sealing & output.

Pet Food & Treats Packaging Machine

Packaging pet food, treats, supplements and accessories.

Support bag width from 80 mm up to 240 mm to work with automatic pick up bags, coding batch code, opening bag, material filling, bag sealing and output.

Equipped with the Z-shape bucket elevator and combination scale, it is widely applied to candies, microwave popcorn, cookies, nuts, rice, coffee beans, crops, peanuts, etc.


Main Options

1. Date printer

2. Quad seal bag assembly

3. Bag-in-bag configuration

4. Flat bottom bag assembly

5. Hole punch (Euro slot or round)

6. Load shelf

7. Product settler

8. Gas flush

9. Static elimination

10. Tear notch

11. In-feed and take-away conveyors

12. Integration with variety of printers, metal detectors, label applicators, and checkweighers



  • Shelf stable food
  • Delicatessen
  • Frozen food
  • Pre-cooked rice
  • Juice
  • Seafood
  • Liquid detergent
  • Various additional applications


8 work stations: 1) bag picking; 2) coding; 3) zip unit; 4) bag opening; 5) according to the material; 6) according to the material; 7) sealing and closing zip; 8) tidy to output; Principal

  • Rated up to 40 pouches/min depending on application
  • Designed for larger pouches
  • Easy cleaning, wash-down design
  • Simple, intuitive operation and maintenance using touch screen controls
  • Designed for safe and sanitary operation
  • Optional zipper openings, nitrogen flush, liquid filling systems and other features
  • Safety guarding (fully enclosed)
  • Small footprint


Technical Parameter

Pouch Type:
Zipper Pouch,Spout Pouch,Pillow Bag, 3 Side Bag, 4 Side Bag, Flat Bag
Working Station:
8 Working-Station
Filling Range:
Pouch Width:
Pouch Length:
Up to 50 Bags/Min(Depends on products’ natures and filling weight)
Dosing System:
Multi-head Scale, Auger Filler, Piston Filler, Volumetric Cup
Power Supply:
Per customer specification
Power Consumption:
Max. 3.5KW
Compressed Air:
400 L/Min. Zip Function 580 L/Min.
Machine Dimension:
2000x1200x1400mm (78.7’x47.2’x55.1′)
Machine Weight:

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