The 27th Sino-Pack China International Packaging Industry Exhibition-the leading professional exhibition exchange platform in the packaging industry

The 27th Sino-Pack China International Packaging Industry Exhibition-the leading professional exhibition exchange platform in the packaging industry, “The 27th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (Sino-Pack2021)” and “China (Guangzhou) International Packaging Products Exhibition (PACKINNO2021)” will be held in Guangzhou, China • China Import and Export Fair Complex (Zone A) from March 4 to March 6, 2021.
The exhibition continues to focus on building an all-round packaging industry chain display platform, with six new distinctive sections: “Smart Packaging + Smart Logistics”, “Food Packaging”, “Liquid Packaging”, “Comprehensive Packaging”, “Product Identification” and ” Packaging products and materials”. Covering food, food processing industry, catering industry, beverage/dairy/liquor, daily chemicals, medicine/health products, home appliances/3C, express delivery, e-commerce, automobile and other multi-faceted terminal fields, it has become a major event in the industry!

The 27th Sino-Pack China International Packaging Industry Exhibition has:
85,000 professional visitors;
1 600 exhibitors;
130 000 square meters of exhibition area.

The main exhibits of this exhibition:

Complete set of smart packaging solutions:
Automated packaging production line
Integrated packaging production line
Packaging industrial robots (palletizers, handlers, sorters, packing machines, container transportation equipment, disassembly machines)

One-time packaging machinery
Sealing machinery
Wrapping machinery
Vacuum packaging machinery
Aseptic packaging machine | Form-fill-seal packaging machine
Filling machinery
Metering and filling machinery
A variety of direct packaging machinery

Secondary packaging machinery:
Strapping machine
Cartoning machine
Shrink packaging machine
Automatic packing machine
Sealing machine
Labeling Machine
Container Machinery
Skin packaging machine
Wrapping packaging machine
Counting machine

Product Identification:
Inkjet printer (small character inkjet printer, large character inkjet printer, high resolution inkjet printer, TIJ inkjet printer)
Laser coding machine
Thermal transfer equipment
Bar machine
Identification system
software platform

Plastic packaging manufacturing machinery, packaging container manufacturing machinery:
Blow molding machinery
Bottle blowing machinery
In-film labeling
Injection Machinery
Cap making machine
Bottle making machine
Box making machine
Cup Making Machine
Blow Molding Machine
Bowl making machine
Can making machine
Pulp Molding Machine

Smart logistics equipment and systems:
Complete logistics solutions (integrators, supply chain service providers)
Logistics equipment and automation system (conveying equipment)
E-commerce and express logistics

Flexible packaging machinery and equipment:
Film making equipment (film blowing machine, extrusion equipment, casting equipment)
Compound equipment
Various bag-making equipment and other equipment (He palm machine, hot stamping machine)

Packaging testing equipment:
Packaging auxiliary equipment, sensors, reducers and other spare parts.

This exhibition is designed for people in the following fields:
Daily Chemicals Factory
Cosmetic factory
Pharmaceutical Factory
food factory
package factory
Plastic product manufacturer
Printing factory
Business users
Courier service providers and e-commerce
Government agencies and relevant chambers of commerce

Highlights of the exhibition:
The four exhibitions are linked together, and the scale is upgraded, and the overall scale breaks through 12 exhibition halls
Smart packaging, another success, won the favor of global intelligent machinery companies
Enrich the industry chain, “food processing packaging”, “liquid packaging”, a strong return
Product identification, hall scale expansion, laser coding, marking equipment “emergence”
Flexible packaging equipment, a chain echoed with the packaging product hall, to meet one-stop procurement
The popularity of independent exhibitions is soaring, PACKINNO, innovative packaging materials, cater to green development

Post time: Dec-25-2020