5 Things Your Natural/Organic Product Packaging Should Do

Your product’s packaging is often the very first interaction a buyer has with your brand. How do you know if it’s making maximum impact? Below are 5 things your natural/organic product packaging must do to be great, not just good.

1. Protect your product from degradation and contamination.

The number one thing packaging does for any product is offer protection by providing a barrier between the product and outside contaminants. This is especially important for products that are prone to oxidation as well as products formulated to be ‘free’ of a certain ingredient for allergy or health reasons. Maintaining product integrity via barrier packaging has become increasingly important as these product types experience increased demand.

2. Enhance the product’s shelf life.

When it comes to natural and organic products that often do not contain preservatives, packaging must do double duty: It must not only keep environmental contaminants out of the package but must preserve the proper atmosphere within the package. Different products require varying environmental specifications to maximize shelf life. Options exist today in packaging that allows companies to create and maintain exact environments within their packages to optimize a product’s shelf life.

3. Convey your brand and message.

Aside from proper functionality, packaging must also accurately represent your brand, message, values, and story. Packaging formats that offer the maximum surface area for graphics and marketing act as their own brand ambassador, and often as their own salesperson.

4. Offer convenience for the end-user.

Today’s consumers are all about convenient products that complement and enhance their busy lifestyles. They desire products in packaging that is flexible, light, portable, and offers convenient options like tear notches and zipper reclosures.

5. Enable maximum production efficiency.

Do you waste a lot of product because of inaccurate package filling or faulty/leaky package seals? Is it hard to ramp up production quickly when you get a large order? Do you find it difficult to accurately predict and allocate production resources? Your consumers don’t have time to wait for backorders, and will not tolerate compromised packaging. So choose a package style that balances aesthetics with production efficiency.

6. Premade Pouches for the Win

Flexible stand-up premade pouches offer all of the above and more. This attention-grabbing packaging format offers:

The use of sustainable and eco-conscious materials
A package that necessitates fewer resources to create, store, and ship
A great canvas for marketing, giving the impression of a high-quality, modern product
A package that stands unassisted, acting as its own billboard
End-user convenience options like zippers and tear notches
Maximum protection of your natural/organic product for optimal shelf life
High-speed packaging equipment options

Rotary Fill and Seal With Linear Scales for Granules

Suitable for garin material, such as Melon seed, nuts, candy, Raisins, suger,salt, Coffee beans, cookies, crystal monosodium glutamate and others solid material automatic packing.

Stand-up premade pouches, also known as Doypacks, have been actively disrupting many industries, from soup and snacks to coffee and beverages. It’s time to consider what this innovative packaging format can do for your product, production, and bottom line. Learn more about machinery to package premade pouches in Gaoge

Post time: Dec-25-2020