Bag Styles

  • Pillow Bag

    Pillow Bag

    A versatile, economical, and popular bag style that can be quite eye-catching with the right graphics. Applicable to almost all industries and applications.

    Many leading food manufacturers on the world market are already using GAOGE GPB Rotary Pouch Packaging Machine to pack their small / large pieced and powdered products into stand up pouches and stand up pouches with zipper.

    A stand-up bag with a folded bottom and welded edges that can be equipped with reclosing systems, functional features and different raster and cutting designs. Vertical packaging machines allow transverse seals (even on the edges) to be carried out for creation of the bag. Choose the best option for your needs.

    A bag style for prominent stand-up display. Its wide face is great for labels and graphics, and can have a center or off-center vertical seal for graphics on front and back. Suitable for almost all industries.

    A pillow bag with interleaved sides created on GAOGE vertical packaging machines from heat or impulse weldable rolls of film. The bag is suitable for packaging a wide range of products in volumes up to 60 liters.