Ancillary Equipment

  • Rotary Accumulating Table

    Rotary Accumulating Table

    All the finished small packages to be put on the rotary accumulating table, the workers could sit surround to do further boxing, cartoning package.

  • Take-off Conveyor

    Take-off Conveyor

    Take-off conveyor is applicable to delivery the finish packed pouches from the bottom of vertical bagging machine to output to the other working-station.

  • Weigher Supporting Platform

    Weigher Supporting Platform

    The platform is compact, stable and safe with guard-rail & ladder. It’s mainly used to hold the weighing scale,

  • Z-Type Bucket Elevator

    Z-Type Bucket Elevator

    It is function to elevate the materials from the ground to the higher facilities.

  • Screw Elevator

    Screw Elevator

    It is a free standing mobile screw elevator with an integral loading hopper. A rotating paddle inside the loading hopper loosens the hopper contents and assists the feed into the tubular screw elevator section.

  • Metal Detector For Aluminum Foil Packages

    Metal Detector For Aluminum Foil Packages

    Ideally for detecting ferrous & stainless steel in aluminum foil packages, such as chocolate, potato chips, milk powder sausage, pickled products etc. goods.

  • Metal Detector

    Metal Detector

    Metal Detectors are useful for detecting ferrous and non-ferrous objects in finished products package, it widely applied in foodstuff, toys, medicines, textile and other industries.

  • Checkweigher


    Checkweighers can handle various pack types, including bags, trays and cartons and are suitable for most production environments. Innovative modular design makes the checkweigher easy to clean minimizing downtime.